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Oct 31, 2012 6:00am EDT
as our system continues to lose some energy and pushing farther away from the area. the wind have lightened up big time here after the last couple of days. satellite-radar, there you go. disorganized mess but still some rain showers and still some circulation. the leftover center would be right up there near buffalo but you can see we're still lifting some rain showers up into southern new england and on the back side of it, we're still getting some rain and we're getting a little bit of snow as well off to the west. still some winter storm warnings flying for west virginia and western maryland. 40 at dulles. will be a cool one today with mostly cloudy skies. still cool for this time of year. but generally improving. winds will be lighter as well. next couple of days, featuring more and sore sunshine. tomorrow, highs in the mid-50s and right now, we're dry for the weekend. all good news. but cool. >> okay. >> quite the finish. >> i know. >> you landed though. >> can i just say something before we get into this. in the morning line, last night was the first game of the nba season.
Oct 29, 2012 6:00am EDT
of energy in both places. >> those of what you that have been to ocean steerk inlet there in ocean city,s that was caused by an a hurricane in 1933. -- those of you that have been to ocean city inlet, there in ocean city, that was caused by a hurricane in 1933. this is one of the outer bands associated with hurricane sandy working south to north there. it is just kind of pin wheeling back toward the washington area and back out to the west. parts of the area, manassas, leesburg, frederick, you haven't seen a whole lot yet. will shortly and once the rain arrives, it will be with us for the entire day. the rain rates here are going to pick up during the course of the day as the storm gets closer. we're just starting to see the rain. that will be stage one. then we'll be dealing with the winds. let me show you the big picture on sandy. when we went to bed last night. this was a weak category one hurricane. it has picked up in intensity overnight. you see the eye. you had an eye develop during the evening hours. this storm has winds of 85 miles per hour. 941millibars. that would make this
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
disturbance coming through. this does not have a lot of energy through it. we still have a lot of cloud appear moisture in the atmosphere. much like yesterday, we'll have clouds around. mostly cloudy day with peeks of sunshine during the course of the day. don't be surprised with some limited sun. our temperatures are only going to top out in the mid others later this afternoon. as we get into tomorrow, we should finally start to get this mess out of here and i think more and more sunshine building in as we get into the weekend. here is your forecast. 55, a little on the cool side. clouds and sun, winds out of the west at five to 10. later tonight, we'll be cool. in fact, cold overnight. overnight low about 40 in town. lots of 30s tomorrow morning. friday, saturday, sunday look great although on the cool side. it is november after all. election da, tuesday, some question marks. i put partly sunny. there could be a little coastal storm monday, tuesday that could bring us some rain. let's do some traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> i often wonder, did they forget to hold up the sign
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
that first energy, the company that we'll be assisting does not have to worry about us except to give us the orders so we can go out and help them get power back on. >> you're leaving about 7:30 today from national harbor. when do you ebbs president-elect to arrive in new jersey, where do you anticipate you'll be working and how long will those crews be there? >> it will be a four to five-hour trip for us. we will go to lakewood, new jersey and there's a staging ground there. our crews will be processed there and be given work to do. probably work will begin either later today, they'll work the evening shift or they'll begin first thing tomorrow morning. >> and these are crews that have already been on the road since sunday. how long do you anticipate they will be in new jersey or perhaps even in new york? >> that's right. this crew -- these folks have been working really since last sunday because we put our crews on 12-hour sand by beginning on sunday. they helped with restoration in the dominion service area and now they'll be working up there. we anticipate they could be there for as
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4